Digging in for Wende Museum's gala

As landscape architects we don't usually think of manual labor as part of the job description. We draw, collect imagery, research plants, draft plans and details, visit project sites and have client meetings. But yesterday was not your average work day for Segal Shuart. As we help our Wende Museum client prepare for a big gala on Saturday night, overseeing plant and boulder delivery turned into digging holes (in heavily compacted DG and aggregate) and unloading boxed trees.

2014-11-04 12.22.58.jpg

Most of what was installed yesterday is temporary since the overall design will be finalized and implemented after this weekend's event, but with the amount of physical labor involved it sure felt permanent. Last week's palm planting in front, however, is in fact fixed and we are very excited about the gorgeous Phoenix canariensis, Washingtonia robusta and Phoenix dactylifera that now bring a new look to this minimalist, recently sandblasted, midcentury building.

wende boulder.JPG

Stay tuned for more news on the Wende Museum project as they prepare to move into their new home at the former Armory Building in Culver City. The first phase is the museum's street frontage and the second phase is a great rear space which will include sculpture garden(s), seating areas and more.